Food Choices

Set Meals
Adobo Chicken Php 80
Ginataang Langka
1 cup Rice

Fried Chicken (Leg or Breast)
Pasta Putanesca Php 150
1 cup java rice

Fish Fillet with Capers
Mayo Pickle Dip Php150
Clam Spaghetinni
French Bread

Spanish Tortilla Slice
Danggit or Chorizo or Corned beef Php200
Brewed Coffee (French Pressed)
Fresh Fruits of the Season
Orange Juice

Tuna Vegetable Pasta Salad Php80

Tofu Burger or Heart of Banana
(Plain tofu, garbanzo beans served on Php140
Hamburger Buns with Cheese)

Tuna Sandwich on Wheat Bread Php150
With Basil Pesto

Chicken Sandwich on Wheat Bread
With Tomato Pesto and Cheddar Cheese Php150

Dishes A La Carte

Ginaataang Tilapia Wrapped in Pechay Php140
(3 regular pieces of tilapia)

Pizza (serves 4 persons) Php400

Spicy Calamares Php 120

Fishballs with Chimichuri Sauce
(20 pieces) Php120

Vegetable Cumin Soup Php200
(serves 4)

Chicken Binacol Php200
(serves 4 persons)

Platter of Pork Ribs Barbecue Php300
(Serves 4 persons)

Cabbage Soup with Ground Pork Php150
(Serves 4 persons)

Paella Php500
(Serves 4-5 persons)

French Fries Platter with Mayo Wasabi dip Php200
(Serves 4-5 persons)

Chicken Rendang or Chicken Curry
(Serves 4-5 persons) Php300

Nilagpang na Manok
(Serves 4 persons) Php300

Baked Chicken with Vegetables Php350

Tinolang Manok
(Serves 4 persons) Php300

Ratatouille in a platter Php250

Gaspacho and liver pate tapas
(Gaspacho served on shot glass and pate on crackers) Php500

Spa Drinks
(served on Brandy glass)

Fuji Apple & Carrrot juice Php100

Cucumber & Mint juice Php100

Red Papaya & Banana juice Php100

Coconut juice with straw Php20

Brewed coffee Php40

3-in-1 coffee Php15

Soda Php12


Mango Float on pyrex dish Php300
Lemon Squares slice Php40
Beignet platter Php300
(serves 10 persons)
Pavlova with fresh fruits Php500
(serves 4 persons)
Chocolate mousse Php50

Note: These are food choices must be reserved 3-5 days before a booking.