01. General

Can we bring food?

In Casa Fiammetta and Pineridge Bucari you may bring but at a corkage fee of P35 per head per day.

Can seminars for 100 or more people be held in these resorts?

Seminars for 100 and weddings for 300 have been held in Casa Fiammetta in their air-conditioned halls. Sleeping accommodations are however, limited to 40 maximum at the ranch resort. Seminars in Bucari can be held in their pavilion for around 30 pax. In Bucari, the spa resort can accommodate 20 people in de luxe dorm style settings. A matrimonial room can be arranged when requested for honeymooners. Both resorts allow guests to pitch tents at a charge of P100 pesos per person per day.

Can we ask for a discount?

Although haggling is discouraged as this is part of the “Filipino Psche”- yes we do within reasonable limits and on a case-to-case basis. For the Pineridge Bucari resort we offer only our preset meal selection which you arrange by phone. As in all spa resorts, health and wellness can only be secured at a premium – although we are not ridiculously exorbitant.

02. Casa Fiammetta

Do I pay at an entrance fee at Casa Fiammetta if I am there to take riding lessons or am part of a group taking seminars?

This is waived. Please refer to the policy section of this site.

What is there to do in Casa Fiammetta?

One can go kayaking by the river, swimming in a 60 meter pool, horsebackriding, billiards, pizza-making in our wood-fired brick oven, biking, etc. Educational tours on sugar and palay farming can be arranged as well as football and equestrian lessons. A church within the compound can also host religious gatherings.

03. Pineridge Bucari

Where is the spa located exactly?

It is at Brgy. Bacolod. We use the nomenclature “Bucari” since this is more popular but actually, Bucari town is located in a lower level and has no outstanding view.

Can I bring my car to bucari?

Cars without four wheel drives have been known to climb that far but only when roads are dry. Roads leading to Brgy.Bacolod by the waiting shed and road to LGU campsite are already concreted. It is best to make arrangements with us for a van or bring your own pick-up or rough terrain vehicle if you want to reach the waterfalls at Brg. Camandag. Jeeps built for the job regularly ply the Leon town –Bacolod, Bucari route at P30 per trip.

Can I enter the Bucari resort alone or with just a companion?

Yes you may pay P150 entrance fee (per guest). This comes with french pressed coffee. However, for overnight we accept bookings in advance with a minimum of 6 persons since it is not economically feasible nor worthwhile to accept fewer. We have an adjacent resthouse which charges P1,000 per room - fits 2 guests.

Can I enter the Bucari resort and sightsee without paying entrance fee?

Yes only if you book meals costing at least P300 per person.

What is there to do in Pineridge Bucari Spa?

Have a massage, pick fresh flowers and organic vegetables only grown in the cold climate, eating gourmet meals , hiking to the pine forest and pic-nicking, riding on pinto horses, swimming at the Camandag waterfalls!

How to get there?

It takes approximately an our from Iloilo City to Leon and an half hour from Leon to the resort(pineridge Bucari) by ordinary car. The road leading to the Brgy.Bacolod Bucari Leon is concreted. Public transportation is also available . You may take a jeep from Ungka, Pavia Transport Terminal in front of Robinson's and beside Puregold Malls. This jeep will bring you to Buntalan Station. From there you can take a jeep to Brgy.Bacolod up to the waiting shed and walk 50 meters to the resort or hire a motor bike (Php150-200 per pax per one way trip).

4.0 Room Amenities

Aren’t the room rates a bit pricey?

Room rates charging P1,000 per head is comparable to the rates in similar places in the Region i.e. de luxe Highland resorts in Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental. It is cheaper than the rates in Tagaytay and Baguio in Luzon. Each room can fit 5-6 persons and comes with 32-inch flatscreen cable t.v. and linen sheets. Bathrooms come with heated water and toiletries.