Rates and Packages


Visitors are generally not allowed to bring drinks/food/bottled water.
Reservation must be made at least 3-5 days in advance for full meal orders (Phone:+63-920-712-4912) & a twenty percent non-refundable reservation fee based on the fees of activities scheduled shall be required for clubs/organizations.


P50 per person (no food order) P25 per minor (2-10 yrs).
Iinfants 2 year and below are free of charge.
Weekend packages available upon request.
Entrance may be waived based on the ff: A minimum meal order of P130 per person for a minimum of 6 persons.


P70 per person
P50 per minor
Not more than five (5) people at anyone time in the pool.
Maximum swimming time 3 hrs.
Pool is closed at 9:00 p.m.
Swimsuits must be worn.
All swimmers must take a shower at the shower room.


Tent rental or site: P100 per night/per person usage


Hall usage free:
Amplifier/karaoke/mic P500 per 2 hrs.
Overhead Projector rental P500 per 2 hrs.
Screen rental P500 per 2 hrs.
Additional Fee of 1200 per 12 hours when aircon is used and free when not.


Thoroughbreds: P600 per hour
Ponies:P300 per hour (groom assistance)

* Enrollment for 10 lessons : P6,000.


For weddings catered by Casa Fiammetta Leisure Co., inside the premises/property the large carroza and horse are available for photo ops to the bride & groom free of charge.
For Miniature, P300 per hire (regardless of time).
For Pony drawn wedding/fiesta use outside of the premises: P6,000 w/ assistance(half a day- does not include price of transport to site & back).P15,000 (out-of-town transport included)
For Pony drawn P300 per hour when inside the resort’s property.


P300 per hour/ per single Nomad kayak.
P300 per hour/Double (kayak fits two w/ paddles)w/ assistance
Transport by tricycle to & from the river shall be for the customer’s account as they are allowed to haggle with the driver.


Airconned ” HUMBLE HORSEMAN ” conference room P2500 per 12 hrs.
Mountain bikes P40 per hour
Carabao carro tour P30 per person (a carabao drawn carro accommodates 10 pax) (2 carros available) Tour takes 1 hr. through sugar plantation & river sandbars.
Billiard hall P40 per hour
Games, ping pong, kites 30 per hour
Pizza making P300 family size P170 small size (wood fired oven)


Videoke, beer or hard drinks ( wine or champagne available upon request)
Firing range ( will soon be available)




Php 1,000 per head minimum of 5 guests for a reservation to be accommodated.
Sixteen pax can be accomodated for overnight stays.
Should groups desire to use the restaurant-pavilion but stay out of the premises, the resort spa or the tourism center of Leon can make arrangements for spartanlike hometel rates which are much lower in the Bucari-Lakadon community.


P500: Gourmet lunch complete with salad,entree,dessert beverages such as wine and brewed coffee. P300 for set meal includes brewed coffee, fruits. Guests are not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages. Guest are now allowed to bring picnic food at a corkage fee of 35 pesos per head.
1 day package to 3 day packages are being offered from Pphp3,000-6,000 (including meals)per person excluding transportation. For the budget conscious backpacker, the spa resort can assist in referring visitors to the Bucari National High School, where accommodations are spartan but pegged at lower rates (i.e. Php 150 per person per night)


Can be arranged if guests choose not to bring their off-road vehicles to the site.
Roads are partially cemented.
Even non 4×4 vehicles can reach the site in the dry months of January to April; beyond these months guests can opt to hire truck-type jeepneys at Php2,000 back and forth. Cementing of roads Isabel ongoing priority project of the national government.


Additional Php 1,000 is usually charged for bespoke picnics from the resort spa to the pine forest of Tabionan or to the waterfalls of Imoy, Kataw or Bubon. If a guest wants to go to the bubon falls. The local baranggay charges Php20 entrance per person; Php15 corkage per person; Php200 for every 10 pax bringing in food to be cooked; Php50 for overnight stay at their baranggay hall; Php 150 for guides to the falls and Php200 for mountaineering guides to the “agua colonia” mountain peak.
Activities included in the package range from basic mountaineering course to advanced; horsebackriding lessons for the kids on site; massage and aromatherapy. Package rates are furnished by the resort and are negotiable.